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The NCLEX is a nationally recognized examination required to become either a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN) or a licensed practical nurse (NCLEX-PN). The examinations are developed and maintained by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). State boards of nursing, which ultimately will issue or deny a candidate’s nursing license, consider the results of the NCLEX when deciding whether or not to issue a nursing license.

According to NCLEX’s fact sheet, from January through June 2021, 82.74% of RN candidates for the NCLEX-RN and 79.06% of practical nurse candidates for the NCLEX-PN were taking their respective exams for the first time. First-time international educated candidates came from the Philippines, India, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Nepal and other countries.

NCLEX Pass Rates

The NCLEX pass rates for all RN candidates in the first six months of 2021 was 72.94%, with the highest pass rate for RNs with bachelor’s degrees. The practical nurse pass rate for the NCLEX was 66.3% with the highest pass rate for first-time examinees educated in the United States at 79.33%. Some universities boast high pass rates as a possible indication of the value of their program.

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